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   Pastors4PCOR - 2nd Annual Community Day of                          Research & Engagement 2015

Victory Christian International Ministries hosts Southland Ministerial Health Network and the 2015 Pastors4PCOR 2nd Annual Community Day of Research and Engagement.

The 2015 2nd Annual Community Day of Research and Engagement was a success! This partnership between faith-based communities, university researchers, and health professionals provided us with the opportunities to learn about the Pastors4PCOR vision and mission and to actively engage with the process of building a research ministry. Faith-based community members convened to hear from key leaders in patient centered outcomes research and the Pastors4PCOR research ministry network. Church groups interested in research ministry convened to discuss the purpose and process of building a research ministry in their own faith-based settings. In a parallel session, a group of Pastors concurrently took Institutional Review Board training in preparation for Research Ministry leadership.

One long term aim of research ministry was to equip faith-based communities with the skills and capacity to identify health issues affecting their communities and engage with a range of study designs including clinical trials. In this part of the program, we heard about some of the PCORI (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute) projects taking place in Illinois and elsewhere in the United States.

Special thanks to:

Apostle Dr. Carl. L. White Jr., Victory Christian International Ministries, and the Southland Ministerial Health Network Board 

Bishop Simon Gordon - Chairman-Pastors4PCOR,  Advisory Board Member

Pastor Walter Turner - Co-Chairman-Pastors4PCOR, Advisory Board Member

Elder Dr. Paris Davis, PhD, MBA - Executive Director, Pastors4PCOR

Regina Greer-Smith, MPH, FACHE - Advisory Board, Founding Member

Dr. Rebecca Johnson, PhD - Advisory Board, Founding Member

Dena L. Craig - Advisory Board Member

Sylvia Hampton - Advisory Board Member, Community

Dr. Diana Ingram, PhD - Advisory Board Member

Ralph Martire, BA, JD - Advisory Board Member

Beverly Rogers, BA, CWA - Advisory Board Member, Community

Dr. Gennadyi Voronov,  MD - Advisory Board Member

Doriane Milker, MD - University of Chicago, CAPriCORN

Madelein Shalowitz, MD - North Shore University Health System, CAPriCORN

Suzanne Sokalski - Northwestern's Center for Community Health


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