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_________PCOR Aims and Objectives________



  • Specific Aim 1: The main purpose of our project is to develop a community-academic partnership by building on an existing network's (SMHN) capacity to engage in PCOR (Patient Centered Outcomes Research) research through the establishment of a Research Ministry.


  • Specific Objective 1: To develop the "glue" for a Research Ministry and the individual church health ministries it represents.


  • Specific Objective 2: To develop a robust sustainable community-academic partnership through the joint design and delivery of a knowledge exchange symposium.


  • Specific Aim 2: To develop mechanisms that enable Research Ministry in partnership with local health ministries to identify and prioritize local research priorities and determine interventions for comparison.


  • Specific Objective 1: To design and deliver/organize a knowledge exchange day/symposium about chronic illness, available services, support and other interventions.


  • Specific Objective 2: To compare the experiences of using a modified Delphi method, and audience response system to identify and prioritize the health issues and interventions congregants feel it is important to research with regard to older adults living with chronic illnesses in the community. These exercises would be part of the day.


FIndings from Aims 1 and 2 will be translated into a business plan for potential research partners around the topic of chronic illness. The plan will detail the Research Ministry's mission ststement, governance and status of the Ministry, asset map of available services, resources and support in the community, inventory of available research data, preferred research topics and interventions for CER (Comparative Effectiveness Research). The study will feed forward into a grant application to the PCORI (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute) pipeline for proposals and/or Eugene Washington Engagement Awards to develop mechanisms which facilitate matching of patients and researchers to allow them to collaborate in all phases of the CER research process. A case study report will document the process of jointly delivering a symposium.

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