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   ...Building Capacity to Engage in Health Care Research Partnership Projects (PCORI)


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The PASTORS4PCOR mission is to increase the partticipation level of our churches and communities in patient centered outcomes research. We are doing this in a spiritual and supporting environment in our own traditions. We look to partner and collaborate with those who will be co-learners with us to understand our needs and desires for a better quality of life through health care. We are supporters of President Obama's Patient Protection and Afordable Care Act.


Health care is becoming increasingly accessible, a result of The Affordable Care Act and community based advocacy to encourage traditionally under or un-covered populations to sign up. This overall trend is paralleled and supported by new funding for clinical cooperative effectiveness research authorized by Congress as part of the ACA and managed by PCORI (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute). PCORI takes the patient in this program seriously, reviewing patient centeredness and the match between the CER (Comparative Effectiveness Research) research and the choices faced by patients, caregivers and others who are involved in medical decision making. Consequently, as funders increasingly emphasize patient-centeredness, patients, communities of stake-holders who support them and university researchers need to develop productive ways to exchange CER information and knowledge and build capacity to partner and engage in health care research. Research indicates that both can be effective in establishing trust and legitimacy for successful matching patients and stakeholders with researches as well as delivering wide uptake of research findings. 


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For more information on PCORI (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute) click the link below

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Our project is in response to the needs identified above and proposes the development of community-academic partnerships between the universities of Chicago and Metropolitan Chicago and the Southland Ministerial Health network in South Suburban Chicago.


The SMHN is a powerful coalition of ministers, health providors, service agencies and advocates who have been in receipt of funding in recent years to promote the Affordable Care Act and whose ministerial members have previously brokered partnerships between their faith-based congregations and researchers (e.g. American Cancer Society). The partnership will draw on community based participatory research strategies to ensure the partnership promotes and sustains trust, communication, connectedness and equity between researchers and pastors as well as ensuring that research is meaningful and appropriate and needed by the congregants that the research ministry represents. 

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